Aerial Photography

You want to sell your home fast and ideally, for your asking price. Real Estate Photo Pros’ aerial photography can help make your listing stand out from the crowd! Draw in more potential buyers by showing off the beauty of your property and the surrounding area from the best possible vantage points.

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Our photographers all have extensive experience in the field of aerial photography. For one low, flat fee, we provide unlimited aerial photos at different elevations so you can have the perfect images to turn potential buyers into offer-makers! Let us use our skills to help sell your house!

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More Than Drones

Drones are a great aerial photography tool in many situations, provided the photographer is properly trained and knows about the drone laws in that area. There are times when other equipment is called for. At Real Estate Photo Pros, we have various tools at our disposal to provide you with the perfect images to attract more buyers.

A mast is a simple tool but is often faster than using a drone and is better during inclement weather when drone use isn’t safe. When a mast or a drone can’t get high enough, we use an airplane to get stunning aerial views! We’re ready to use whatever tool is needed for your specific situation!

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Labeling Points of Interest

Don’t just give potential buyers a pretty image. Make the most important information clear with our free labeling services. Point out specific parks and trails, the downtown area, or other nearby amenities to highlight the desirability of your location. If you’re selling a parcel of land, we can mark off the boundaries so it’s clear exactly what is for sale. If you want to show off the beauty of the whole neighborhood, we’ll make sure your sale property is demarcated to highlight it among the other lots. Labeling is absolutely free when you purchase your aerial photography package!

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Easily Add Aerial Video

Get even more eyes on your property with the help of our aerial videos! Our stunning aerial footage shows off the beauty of your property with cinematic flair! You could attract more buyers by posting an aerial video of your listing on social media. Rising shots and flyovers are eye-catching, and the more people that see your sale property, the better your chances are of finding your ideal buyer. Fully capture the beauty and scope of your property and the surrounding area with expert aerial videography. Get the best deal with our aerial photo and video combo!

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Let the View Reel Buyers In

Words like “scenic views” have lost their meaning now that nearly everyone claims it as a benefit of their property, even if they overlook an ally or a parking lot. Rather than claim great views, you can prove it to potential buyers by showing them your appealing scenery from a bird’s eye view! Whether your home is near the mountains or the beach, capture the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and let it do the work of attracting potential buyers for you. You could even draw in buyers who weren’t necessarily searching in your area but fall in love with the scenery simply because of your photos. Check out our aerial photo portfolio!

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Home buyers want to know about the neighborhood and the surrounding area before they purchase a home. They can’t possibly tour every neighborhood of every house listing they look at. Give buyers everything they need to know with stunning aerial photos and videos taken by our professionals! Don’t let a run-of-the-mill listing hold you back from making a quick and easy sale! Take advantage of our aerial services today!