4 Effective Assets To Include In Your Listing

Whether you’re selling your home yourself or you’re a real estate agent with multiple properties on the market, getting your home sold quick is your top priority. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at four effective assets you can include in your real estate listing to increase your chances of a sale. If you’re interested in learning more about any of the real estate photography services discussed in today’s post, then reach out to the team at Real Estate Photo Pros and we’ll gladly provide you with a project quote!

Four Assets That Will Benefit Your Listing

To-The-Point Copy

Studies show that people greatly prefer video to text content, especially when they’re looking for something like a home. In fact, experts agree that you have only a few seconds to engage a viewer before they leave the page and keep searching elsewhere. To-the-point copy that provides crucial information about the property is essential, but you shouldn’t spend too much time elaborating about upgrades and features. Instead, let your real estate photography assets do most of the heavy lifting!

Night And Dusk Photography

As you look through various real estate websites, take a moment to see if you can notice commonalities between the listings. Most of the listings were probably photographed during the day and may not have much that makes them stand out from one another. Nighttime real estate photography is one of the best ways to showcase your property in a unique and interesting way, and our team can help you take gorgeous shots that make your property unique in a sea of all-too-similar homes. View our portfolio to see some of our unique and eye-catching examples!

Virtual Tour

As we discussed in the first section, most online readers prefer to get their information through videos, infographics, and other easy-to-digest sources. While great real estate photos can get someone to click on your listing, you need to keep them engaged with the property through other means. Virtual tours are one of the most engaging assets you can include in a listing, as they allow buyers to go on a self-guided tour and find the areas of the home that interest them most. This can also help them gain a better understanding of what they can expect when they show up for an in-person tour!

Aerial Photos

Much like night and dusk real estate photos, aerial real estate photography can make your property unique and eye-catching to anyone sifting through hundreds of listings on a real estate website. They can also provide prospective buyers with valuable information about the area surrounding the property. Remember that you’re not just selling a home — you’re selling the neighborhood and the entire area in which the home is located. Aerial real estate photos can help you make the entire community look that much more appealing!

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