6 Tips To Upgrading Your Home And Improving Its Value

Human beings are accustomed to change. Living in the same surroundings beyond a

specific time might have drastic effects on your perception of your living space. If this is

the case, it might be the right time to invest in some home upgrades.

A common misconception in the home improvement industry is that all upgrades are

expensive. Luckily – this is not true. If you are looking to give your home a new lease of

life on a limited budget, here are a few ideas you should consider:

Wallpaper your accent wall

You might be thinking that wallpapers are something your grandma had in her ancient

home, so why should you get one? The truth is – wallpapers are nothing like they used

to be back in the old days.

Today you can find interesting shapes, patterns, textures and colors to suit your

improvement needs. Better still, today’s wallpapers are removable, and you can swap

them at will. When it comes to wallpaper, you can fix it on one wall, leaving the others

blank. This trick creates a focal point, adding depth to the room without being


Change up colors

It is normal to find many modern homes outfitted with white. A dash of color here and

there can do wonders for an outdated space. If you are still rocking the beige walls you

found, it might be time for a fresh coat of paint.

You can add an accent wall or just touch up the current wall colors if you are not too

dedicated to a large project. New paint goes a long way in making your home feel fresh

and new. Make sure to research on modern trends like colors to use for your bedroom to find the best colors for each room.

Swap out the lighting

In interior design, lighting is everything, but it is the most overlooked part of your home.

Brightening your home with new lights is a simple and cheap way to add a modern

touch to any room.

You can start with inexpensive options like table and floor lamps, if you do not already

have them. To keep things interesting, you can go for metallic lamps with simple

geometric designs. These designs add a sense of modernism to the whole room.

Investing in cheap color-changing led bulbs is also an excellent way to change the

room’s mood through color.

Create an open space in your home

According to a study done by Bankrate, open floor plans are sought after when it comes

to homeownership. If you are planning to resell your home soon, this is an excellent way

to increase the value and offer a comfortable living environment while you are at it.

Creating an open space does not necessarily require you to tear walls down. It is easier

than you think – you can make your home seem open and airy by moving furnishing in

the room to evaluate which placement gives the most space.

Sometimes this fresh approach will encourage you to get rid of finished pieces that only

clutter your space.

Transform your windows

Like lighting, windows are almost always overlooked. From reducing the light coming in

to dragging down your energy efficiency and even not letting in enough air – foggy and

outdated windows can hurt your home in many ways. By leaving the windows bare, you

tend to miss a vast layer of decorating.

One modern take is to install custom blinds with curtain panels. You can dress the

windows to suit your style. From geometric curtain, panels to gauzy white sheers, the

options are endless.

Rethink your yard

Some of us think that planting a tree or two is just enough when attempting to upgrade

the yard. However, the curb appeal is massively affected by the design of your

landscape. It is easy to make raised garden beds or plant more trees.

A visit to your local greenhouse will provide you with the needed information on the best

pants for your area.

Installing exterior lighting is also an excellent way to accent the features you like about

your house.

There are many ways to update your home to present times without having to break the

bank. Look for the areas that you feel need renovations and start there. Even little

changes can have significant benefits.