How Real Estate Marketing Is Changing In 2019

Though smartphones are a relatively new technology, to say that they’ve changed the way that people and marketers interact is a massive understatement. The real estate industry is no exception, and in today’s post, we’ll take an in-depth look at a few of the many ways that real estate marketing has changed in recent years, as well as a few of the ways that it will change in years to come.

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Three Ways Real Estate Marketing Has Changed

The Bar Has Been Raised

For better or worse, social media platforms have changed what we expect from photo and video content. Platforms like Instagram regularly feature exceptionally staged and shot pictures of food, homes, and influencers, which has made it crucial to keep up with expectations. However, simply posting well-staged and edited real estate photos aren’t enough to attract buyers — many agents are now turning to Facebook ads in order to target specific markets.

Video Content Is Crucial

While high-quality real estate photos are important for any listing, their prevalence on social media platforms has led to them not being nearly as engaging as they once were. Many people will simply scroll past a static ad or image if it doesn’t instantly capture their attention, and marketing experts have found that video content is a better way to convey information and keep people’s eyes in one place.

Virtual Tours Are Increasing In Popularity

If you really want to be on the cutting-edge of real estate marketing, then virtual tours should become a staple in your portfolio. Videos can give buyers a sense of what they can expect when they arrive at your home, but virtual real estate tours allow potential buyers to take the tour at their own pace and explore any room they’d like.

Additionally, you’re surely aware of how important it is to make genuine connections between yourself, potential buyers, and a property. Studies show that buyers feel much more connected with a property after interacting with it online, and this connection can make them more likely to reach out to you for an in-person tour. They’ll know what to expect when they arrive, and this can also help you increase your chances of an offer.

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We hope that today’s entry has helped you to understand how real estate marketing is changing in the digital age. We plan to further explore this topic in future installments, so be sure to keep an eye out in the coming weeks and months.

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