How To Effectively Use Drone Photography In Your Listings

Drones are opening up doors and bridging gaps in real estate. From property photography and video to virtual walkthroughs, drones are altering the digital world. The real estate industry is taking full advantage of the ability to take stunning, all-inclusive shots. Today we’ll go over some tips on integrating drone photography into your real estate listings.

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Expand Your View

Aerial drone photography is becoming more and more popular, and we can certainly see why! There are a plethora of ways to use beautiful aerial shots in every listing. Since drone prices have gone down, the accessibility of high-quality footage has started to soar.

In the past, large homes required numerous photos to show the whole property. The general feel of a home is often lost with this kind of approach, but a drone shot can now encompass any size property in a single photo! This allows you to capture the home and surrounding property from a variety of angles.

Not only can drones help you show off your property, but they also allow you to display the area around your home to entice potential buyers. Whether you’re on an acreage, or in a beautiful rural neighborhood, a wide drone shot can help to build a more comprehensive feel for your estate. You can showcase nearby landmarks, shopping centers, and points of interest in a way that was not available or affordable before.

Remote Viewing

We’ve mentioned the macro benefits of aerial photographs, but let’s take a moment to focus on the micros. Drones allow for comprehensive indoor video walkthroughs and virtual tours. In a recent post, we looked at how virtual tours are altering the way real estate is sold. In commercial or residential listings, virtual tours bring your listings to life anytime, and anywhere. Utilizing drones to create virtual tours allows potential buyers have a better idea of what to expect when doing an in-person showing.

Potential Risks

If you choose to add drone photography to your listings, then be sure to notify any neighbors in your area. This common courtesy will allow them to be aware of what is going on and to protect their privacy. It also gives them a chance to clean up their personal spaces, which will in turn enhance your listing even further.

Always ensure that your drone operator is experienced with the technology. There have been drone crashes in the past, which have led to property damage and extra costs. You won’t have to worry about this if you choose Real Estate Photo Pros, as we are well versed in drone photography, and very experienced with all of our equipment.

Drones are leading the way into a new era of real estate photography and video. Our incredible drone photographers are proud to be serving Colorado and Florida. If you’re looking to add aerial photos or virtual walkthroughs to your portfolio, then give us a call today for a free quote!