How To Stage A Home — Part I

Whether you’re selling your home or you’re an agent who is helping a client sell theirs, it’s important to know how to stage a property correctly. In today’s post, we’ll provide you with a few simple tips that can help you stage your home for a professional real estate photo shoot.

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Four Tips For Staging A Home

Keep It Neutral

When you’re trying to sell a home, you need to do everything in your power to ensure that buyers can picture themselves living there. This means that bedrooms and accent walls should be repainted in neutral tones, and you may want to consider putting eccentric furniture pieces into storage. Our real estate photographers will be able to take stunning pictures of the property either way, but doing as much as you can to neutralize the color scheme allows the viewer to focus on the home instead of the paint and furnishings.

Clean The Kitchen

Also known as the heart of the home, the kitchen is perhaps the most critical room you will be staging. Buyers will picture themselves cooking and entertaining, which means that you don’t want to clutter the counters with too many appliances. You don’t want the area to be too empty, however, so add a bowl of fruit and placemats to the dining table or breakfast bar to make the area look more inviting. No matter what the kitchen looks like, our real estate photographers will showcase it in a flattering and eye-catching way!


As we noted in the first section, you want buyers to be able to imagine themselves moving their belongings into your property. Perhaps they have a large art collection, or maybe they have sports memorabilia that they proudly display in their current home. It’s impossible to predict who will tour the property, but one thing is certain — it’s much more difficult for them to imagine themselves living in your home when your personal possessions are there. Start by packing up family photos, religious symbols, and other personal effects that might prevent buyers from imaging the home as their own. You can always ask our professional real estate photographers for advice!

Always Be Ready

Staging your home is an ongoing process that doesn’t end once your personal belongings are in storage and professional real estate photos have been taken. Your property needs to be show-ready at all times, which means that dishes need to be done promptly, your mail needs to be sorted, and your laundry needs to be off the floor. Staging a home is a lot of work, but with Real Estate Photo Pros in your corner, you’ll maximize your chances of a quick sale!

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