How To Stage A Home — Part II

The real estate industry relies heavily on visual media. Between the photos and videos you use in your listings and the way you set up properties for in-person tours, it’s important to know what buyers are and are not looking for.

We provided you with a few tips that can help you stage a property in a previous post, so be sure to catch up on that information if you haven’t yet read it. In today’s post, we’ll continue to provide you with information that can help you set yourself up for a quick sale.

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Three More Tips For Staging A Home

Let The Light In

Lighting is one of the first things buyers look for when they’re touring a property. In addition to making each room look bigger and more inviting, a home with plenty of natural light tells buyers that they can save money on their monthly utility bills.

Don’t worry if your property doesn’t have much in the way of natural light! You can purchase high-wattage LED bulbs that fully illuminate each space, and our real estate photographers will work with you to ensure that every photo and video we take is perfectly illuminated. Take a look at our portfolio for examples of our past work!

Create Conversational Areas

As we mentioned in our previous post, buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in the property. This means that in addition to picturing their family living there each day, they’ll also be thinking about entertaining their friends and neighbors. Arrange the living room, patio, and other areas of the home in a way that promotes intimacy and conversation. Even if buyers don’t explicitly comment on the layout, you’re giving them subconscious cues that the home is the perfect place for friends and family.

Keep The Bathrooms Clean

This point might sound obvious, but it’s always worth repeating. Just as we advised you to keep the kitchen clutter-free in our previous post, you should strive to keep each of the bathrooms as clean as possible. Make sure that the mirror is always spotless, and be sure to store your toiletries in the cabinets after you’re done using them. Your bathrooms will look impeccably clean and much more inviting, and removing your personal effects will also make the space look larger in your real estate photos and videos!

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We hope that this series will help you stage your property for a quick sale.

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