Real Estate Photography And Video During COVID-19

Have you been trying to sell your home during the global outbreak of COVID-19? While the real estate market has seen a lot of twists and turns in the past few months, this can be a great time to sell! With more and more people staying at home, in-person showings have declined, but that means that buyers are turning to virtual real estate listings.

Real Estate Photo Pros is here for you to make sure that your online listings are the best around. We proudly serve Colorado and Florida with the following services:

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Aerial footage
  • Virtual tours

If you are in the process of selling your home, get in touch with our teams today! We will discuss the real estate photography or video package that is best for you and help you upgrade your listings.


While things like video and virtual tours are wonderful additions, there’s nothing quite as striking as a few beautiful pictures to draw potential buyers into your listings. Real Estate Photo Pros brings high-quality skills and equipment to every job, and we will make your home look its best for your pictures. Some photography options include interior and exterior shoots, night and dusk photos, and seasonal reshoots.


To truly show off the size of a room and the way it feels to walk through a home, there is no better tool than real estate video. Our team can provide you with videos of individual rooms, outdoor footage to showcase the property and surrounding area, and glidethrough video. By utilizing a glidethrough video you will be able to show the whole home to potential buyers as if they are actually walking through the home themselves. In some cases, in-person showings may not be possible, so a gildethrough video is the next best thing!

Aerial Footage

Our licensed drone pilots in Colorado and Florida are able to showcase your home in ways that were not always commercially available. We utilize drones to bring aerial pictures and video to your real estate listings. With this footage, you can show your full property as well as the surrounding area to all interested parties.

Virtual Tours

While virtual tours have been an amazing tool to add to your real estate portfolio for many years, they have become especially useful during this pandemic. These tours make it easy for anyone to view your home at any time! Virtual tours will showcase each room, your home’s features, and more. By adding virtual tours to your listing, you will help to keep those looking at your home engaged for longer periods of time as they consider purchasing your property.

Contact Our Teams In Florida And Colorado

When you’re ready to get started with real estate photography and video services during the coronavirus outbreak, get in touch with Real Estate Photo Pros. Our teams in Florida and Colorado are here to help you make the best listing that you possibly can. Contact us now to set up an appointment or to learn more about the services that we offer. We look forward to working with you!