The Best Way To Stage A Bedroom For Sale

At the end of a long day, there is nothing better than making your way into your very own bedroom and collapsing onto your very own bed. When you’re getting ready to sell your home, it’s important to convey the comfort and usability of the bedroom. In this post, we’ll discover the best ways to make a bedroom perfect as you are staging your home.

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Clean Some More

As we’ve been working our way through home staging tips, the number one recommendation has always been to clean thoroughly. Unsurprisingly, that holds true in the bedroom too! Work to make your space spotless by vacuuming the carpet, cleaning the tile or hardwood, washing the windows, doing your laundry, taking out the garbage, and dusting any surface. Nobody wants to walk into a messy or dirty bedroom. Look for nooks and crannies you don’t normally think of, and scrub them clean!


You likely will start decluttering as you clean your bedroom, but taking the extra effort to make sure everything is in its right place before a showing is very important. If your room is a little bit too cramped, or you don’t want strangers looking through your belongings, you could consider renting a small storage unit until you’ve moved into your new home. You can keep extra clothes, furniture, or personalized artwork in the unit for safekeeping and easy access.

Some items like laptops, phone chargers, water bottles, or books may be of use to you daily, but they can be distracting as you are showing your home. Consider hanging onto a bin that you can put all of these items into. Bring the bin with you as you leave or store it in your car. If you normally leave some clothes on the ground or have your shoes strewn about, be sure they are properly placed in their homes so your bedroom looks organized for the people that are considering making your home theirs.

Freshen Up With Paint

Your bedroom is your own personal space of comfort, and one way to express yourself is to paint. If you’ve painted your room a fun color or two, it may be time to take it back to neutral. Light gray or tan are perfect for this. Not everyone has the same interests as you, and it’s better to show a blank canvas to your buyers than a finished painting. If your bedroom is already neutral, it may be a good idea to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls anyway. You’ll be surprised how much better a freshly painted room looks!

Use Light

Just like other rooms, light is very important in the bedroom. Using as much natural light as possible will help the space feel open and welcoming. However, it’s a good idea to make sure you have sturdy curtains or blinds on the windows. Everyone wants to feel safe in their bedroom, and being able to keep prying eyes away is important.

Take Care Of The Bed

If you don’t have a nice looking bed set, it’s time to invest! You don’t need to get extravagant with it, but clean, crisp covers go a long way. The bed is the main feature in the bedroom, so making it look as nice as possible is a must. You can add some decorative pillows or a new headboard to the mix to liven up the room. Luckily, once your home is sold, all of your bedding upgrades get to travel with you to your new home!


Now that all of the most important parts are taken care of, give your room a little bit of color! It’s best to put away your personalized photos or art pieces so you can provide your potential buyers with an environment that will help them view their own belongings in the bedroom. Consider spicing up the room with some of these items:



Tasteful art


All of these will make your bedroom feel, look, and smell like an inviting space, and just like your new bedding, anything you put up gets to come with you, so be sure to pick decorations that you also enjoy.

Spare Rooms

If you have multiple bedrooms and one is currently being used for storage or is simply empty, get creative and stage it as something new! You could make it into a playroom, an office, or an entertainment room. No matter how you choose to display your spare rooms, make sure they are cleaned and organized. Give it a new purpose so that it creates more viewing appeal!

Kids Bedrooms

If you live with kiddos, you probably know how difficult it can be to keep their rooms clean! However, in this transition period it’s important to make their rooms beautiful too. Just like your room, they need all of the steps above done to ensure their space looks amazing and will help sell the home. Work with your children to create a fully clean and organized bedroom. Once that is done, create a box of toys or games that is easily packed that they can make a mess with until it’s show time. If they have large items like tents, car tracks, doll houses, or excessive stuffed animal piles, those can be packed away into storage until it’s time to put them in your new house.

No matter how you decorate, Real Estate Photo Pros is here to make your bedroom and the rest of your home look incredible. Contact us today to discuss photography, drone images, virtual walkthroughs, and more! Our teams in Colorado and Florida are ready to work with you to get your home sold quickly!