The Best Ways To Stage A Living Room For Sale

The living room is the heart of a home. It’s a place for warmth, comfort, and spending time with friends and family. If you’re snuggling up to watch a movie or busting out the board games, the congregation center of your home is the place to be. In our previous post, we explored ways to make your kitchen sparkle and shine, and today we’ll dig into the art of perfectly staging your living room to entice buyers!

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We started our kitchen list with cleaning, and we’ll start there with the living room too. A messy home, or even one that is “mostly clean,” is going to have more issues selling than a clean one. Starting with the floors, vacuum the carpet or rugs, and mop the hard surfaces. Be sure to move any couches or tables, and clean underneath them as well! Dust all surfaces and clean the furniture in your living room. If you have wood surfaces or floors, use the recommended treatment to remove scuff marks or stains. If your items are severely damaged, you can restain them, and match your floors, coffee tables, and chairs to truly make your room shine.

Use Natural Light

Rooms with plenty of light draw people in, but dimly lit areas can turn buyers away. In some living rooms, there are no built-in light fixtures. It is especially important to let in as much light as possible in these cases. During a showing, open the blinds and pull up the shades so that the sunlight can shine through. If you are unable to get enough natural light into a room, use some soft accent lamps to brighten up the dim corners. Any way that you can use light to accentuate features like TV nooks and built-in bookcases will help direct the buyer’s attention to these key selling features.


Work to create symmetry in your living room. Pairing furniture pieces like sofas, chairs, and lamps helps to create balance and shows an inviting conversation spot. If you have a lot of items and unnecessary clutter built up in your living room, move as much as you can into your garage or into a temporary storage unit. You probably have collected varying mismatched blankets, pillows, and decorations that suit you very well. But for showing your home, work to show coordinated color and themes that invite viewers into the space.

Showcase The TV

If you have a large TV, it’s time to show it off! Buyers love big televisions, and showing them the perfect arrangement for the living room will help them to envision future football parties, game nights, and movie premiers. If there is a great built-in sound system, you can play some light music through the speakers to gently welcome potential buyers into the space and allow them to feel more comfortable right away.

Use Statement Items

Just as much as you want people to fall in love with your space, they want to fall in love with it! Buyers are constantly looking to be wowed by a room, so try to use pieces of art, furniture, and decorations that make a statement and captivate viewers. The living room is a great spot for personal pictures, but it’s time to take those down and move them to your new house or store them temporarily. You can add beautiful artwork, small sculptures on end tables, bold rugs, or colorful pillows to bring some life and excitement to your living room.

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