Why Virtual Tours Are The Future Of Real Estate

In the digital age, technology is constantly moving at a rapid pace and is changing the way almost every industry operates. With this ever-shifting cyber landscape, traditional real estate is not immune. Prospective homebuyers are performing the majority of their searches online, and there are more ways than ever before to reach new clients. One important tool to utilize is virtual tours.

Real Estate Photo Pros is proud to be an industry leader with our wide array of visual showcasing tools for your properties. We offer in-depth virtual tours, walkthrough videos, and stunning drone footage as well as traditional photography packages. We want to ensure that your home is looking the absolute best that it can in order to attract the best buyers.

Extending Your Reach

In today’s real estate market, over 90% of buyers use the internet to start their search for a new home. More than 50% of buyers end up purchasing a home that they found online. Since a majority of people already look for virtual tours or video walkthroughs before doing an in-person showing, the more accessible a home can be online, the better. While photography of a home is great, it doesn’t allow potential clients to truly get a feel for a home the way that a virtual tour can.

Benefits For Everyone

Virtual tours have huge benefits for both sellers and buyers. As a seller, always keeping a home pristine and show-ready can add a large amount of strain on top of a time that is already very stressful. Adding virtual tours to your property means that buyers can peruse your home at their leisure without the pressure of making sure all areas are constantly clean. For a buyer, as you’re viewing a home, you no longer have to worry about feeling rushed through a house by a seller or tenant. You are allowed time to “sit” in a room and examine details or dream about possible layouts without time constraints. Buyers are also not limited by available showing times with virtual tours. The internet is at hand 24/7, 365 days a year. Busy work schedule? No problem. Can’t sleep at 2:00 a.m. and want to browse homes? Not an issue. Virtual tours are able to meet you where you are at, at any time.

Better Communication

With virtual tours, there is an opportunity for better online communication with clients. An agent can give real-time feedback to multiple curious buyers at once through chat features. If your platform can incorporate interactive tools inside of virtual tours, you can include things like mortgage calculators which will help to urge potential buyers towards making a deal.

Buyers that are moving from out-of-state, or even out-of-country can feel much more at-ease about the home they are about to purchase with virtual tours. Depending on the situation, some aren’t able to physically tour houses before a big move, and virtual tours can build huge amounts of confidence in hesitant purchasers.

Real Estate Photo Pros is ready to help you elevate your next listing to a higher level. With several options for virtual tours or video walkthroughs, we can help you capture the best features of your property. Give us a call today!