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  1. home entryway and stairway

    Upgrade Your Home Listing

    Has your home been on the market for longer than you’d like? Or are you trying to get everything ready now so you can have a comprehensive listing right away? Adding as much information and visual data to your listing as possible can help your home sell much more quickly because you’ll be giving…Read More

  2. beautiful living room

    The Best Ways to Stage a Living Room for Sale

    The living room is the heart of a home. It’s a place for warmth, comfort, and spending time with friends and family. If you’re snuggling up to watch a movie or busting out the board games, the congregation center of your home is the place to be. In our previous post, we explored ways to make you…Read More

  3. Thriving After Retirement Means Planning Where To Live

    If you’re planning on moving to Clearwater, or if you have lived here for some time but need to make a change of address, you are in good company. Of the 100,000+ residents in town, more than 20% are age 65 or older. Because of this high number of active seniors, there are many living options for …Read More

  4. Why Virtual Tours Are the Future of Real Estate

    In the digital age, technology is constantly moving at a rapid pace and is changing the way almost every industry operates. With this ever-shifting cyber landscape, traditional real estate is not immune. Prospective homebuyers are performing the majority of their searches online, and there are more …Read More

  5. Quick and Easy Ways to Cut Down on Clutter

    Decluttering is one of those things we all like the idea of doing. However, sometimes just thinking about actually doing it can drain your energy. There are some surprisingly simple ways to make it a painless project, and in fact, you might even enjoy it. We’ve gathered information on quick, easy …Read More