Selling a home can be a long, drawn out and frustrating process. You may not get offers right away and if any do come in, they may be lower than you were hoping for. At Real Estate Photo Pros, we want to use our highly-trained skills to make the journey easier for you! Real estate videos catch the attention of potential home buyers better than still pictures. A professionally crafted video will show your property off in a more appealing way to a wider audience than just pictures alone could.

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How Video Tours of Homes Can Sell Your Property Faster

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but video creates an experience. A well-crafted video makes potential buyers feel like they’re actually touring your property. This is particularly important for buyers from outside the area who may not be able to see the property in person. You can also get your real estate in front of a bigger audience by posting to YouTube and other video-friendly social platforms. When competing with all the other for-sale properties in the area, having a professional video will make your listing stand out and be more memorable than the standard, image-only listings. Choose from our options below or check out our price list!

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Moving pictures are always more eye-catching than still ones. If you want to attract more buyers but are working with a limited budget, our slideshow could be your solution. We start by taking a stunning mix of interior and exterior photographs and organizing them to best show off your home. Next we add movement by gently zooming in or out on each image. Music is added as the finishing touch and then your video is sent to you, complete and social media ready!

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The more you can make a person feel that they have been to your property, the more comfortable they can be in making an offer. No one wants to buy a home unseen. Make potential buyers feel more like they have the complete picture. Get a great deal on our social media video now!


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Glidethrough Video Tour

Better than a walkthrough, a glidethrough video gives viewers the feeling that they are gently flying around the property, both inside and out. This type of real estate video marketing gives interested buyers views from multiple flattering angles. The “gliding” sensation created by the expert camera work gives your home a light, airy, and open feel. This style of video also highlights your home’s best qualities.

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Someone in the market for a home wouldn’t come into your home, stand in one corner, and look at everything from that angle. They would move around the space, looking up and down. Glidethrough videos give them that genuine touring experience. Along with professional videography, Real Estate Photo Prosprovides stylish music for your video, making it a complete package that’s ready to start drawing in potential buyers. Order your glidethrough video now or get aerial footage and animated graphics by upgrading to our premiere glidethrough video!


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Aerial Video

Don’t waste time telling potential home buyers that your home has extensive property or beautiful views. Show them with aerial video! Like those breathtaking shots in Hollywood movies, aerial videos fly viewers up in the air to take in all the spectacular scenery.

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Our experts will determine which of our equipment is right for your unique job, whether it’s a mast, a drone, or an airplane. Whatever the topography, from beaches to mountains, we will capture all the most alluring focal points to provide you with cinematic aerial footage that will help make your property stand-out and get noticed! Get a deal on our aerial photo and video combo!


There’s no question that videos can help get more eyes on your listing. Drawing in more interested buyers may mean that you’re able to sell your property faster and for more money! If you have any questions about our video services, contact us today!

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