Increase Your Chances Of A Fast Sale
Utilize Real Estate Video In Your Colorado Or Florida Listings

Nine out of 10 homebuyers begin their search online. The most popular real estate websites are flooded with countless listings — how will you make yours stand out?

 Real estate videos can help:

  • Make listings engaging
  • Provide unique views of your home
  • Give buyers something to watch instead of read

Learn more about why you should invest in real estate videos below, and we invite you to reach out to a member of our team if you’re ready to get started!

At Real Estate Photo Pros, we know how important it is to set yourself and your properties apart from the competition. Beyond professional real estate photos and virtual tours, what can you do to really make your client’s property look both unique and appealing? Utilize the power of a real estate video!

The team at Real Estate Photo Pros uses the latest technology and cutting-edge practices in order to create original, high-quality real estate videos.

Our Real Estate Videos:

  • Are professionally staged and shot
  • Can deliver crucial information in a short period of time
  • Are designed to keep viewers on your page
  • Can help you justify a higher asking price

What Are The Benefits Of Using Real Estate Videos?

When you are selling your home, the cost of a video project to add to your listing may not seem worth it. But videos have proven to help engage new buyers as well as attract more interest. With video you can:

  • Offer speed
  • Create selling points
  • Reach new markets easily
  • Connect with buyers
  • Increase time on site
  • Produce more leads


Buyers time is limited, and most don’t stay on a page for more than a minute or two. With a quality real estate video, you can easily convey your message in a quick and concise manner to help draw them in to learn more about your property.

Selling Points

Does your property have an amazing kitchen or gorgeous backyard that prospective buyers need to see? The best and most unique property features can be showcased with ease when you invest in video content!

Ease of Use

Videos for real estate are very user-friendly, which means that you can reach more demographics without significantly changing your selling strategy.


Real estate depends heavily on creating an emotional connection with buyers. Video is more personal and emotional than a photo album, and studies consistently show that buyers are much more likely to feel connected to a home and schedule an in-person visit after they’ve seen a video of the property.

Time on Site

The longer a user stays on your page, the more likely they are to reach out for more information. A great video is more immersive than nearly any other form of media, significantly increasing the odds that you’ll receive more inquiries.


Cold leads come with the territory, but you can improve the quality of your leads by including real estate videos in your listing. By providing buyers with better views of the property and more information about what they can expect, you increase the chances that those who reach out are serious about making an offer.

If you would like to know more about our real estate video services, or if you would like to set up an appointment in Colorado or Florida, then get in touch with Real Estate Photo Pros today! Our friendly, experienced, and talented team is ready to help!

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Glidethrough Video

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